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Introducing our beautiful and elegant Sterling Silver Hanging Heart Beaded Ring.

Featuring a dainty hanging heart charm in 925 Sterling Silver with a touch of Rose Gold. Perfect to pair with Wild Jewellery's range of heart Bracelets, Anklet, Necklace or Studs and stack with our other rings. Especially with our touch of rose gold mixed metal simplicity stacking ring - available as a duo stack at 10% off!


Available in Sterling Silver, or with a 'touch of rose gold' which includes gold filled beads mixed with sterling silver beads.


Bead size: 3mm, 4mm, 2mm


This ring is handmade to order with high qaulity jewellery elastic, finished with jewellery glue. 


Each piece comes presented in a lovely grey kraft recycled pillow gift box. 

Hanging Heart Ring Touch of Rose Gold

  • Measure the diameter of a current ring you own, to find what size ring you will need.

    Inches    MM     UK    Wild Jewellery Size

    0.60      15.49      J      Small

    0.62       15.90     K 

    0.64       16.31      L

    0.65       16.71      M

    0.67        17.12      N     Medium

    0.69        17.53     0

    0.70        17.93     P

    0.72        18.34    Q

    0.73        18.75     R         Large

    0.75        19.15      S

    0.77        19.56     T

    0.78        19.96     U

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