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Introducing our beautiful Gold Filled Simplicity Beaded Ring, for all the gold lovers out there!

Wear alone for a minimalistic look or customize with Wild Jewellery's other rings to create your own unique look.


Bead size: 3mm and 2mm


This ring is handmade and hand threaded with high qaulity jewellery elastic, finished with jewellery glue.


Each piece comes presented in a purple organza bag in lovely small grey kraft recycled pillow gift box.

Gold Filled Simplicity Beaded Ring

  • Measure the diameter of a current ring you own, to find what size ring you will need.

    Inches    MM     UK    Wild Jewellery Size

    0.60      15.49      J      Small

    0.62       15.90     K 

    0.64       16.31      L

    0.65       16.71      M

    0.67        17.12      N     Medium

    0.69        17.53     0

    0.70        17.93     P

    0.72        18.34    Q

    0.73        18.75     R         Large

    0.75        19.15      S

    0.77        19.56     T

    0.78        19.96     U

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